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What do you know when you need an emergency roof repair?

Jun 25


Sometimes, emergency roof repairs are essential, as roof problems will never go away by themselves. Actually, roof problems are only worsened over time, particularly when water is present.

If you see a problem that could damage your business or home there is a good chance that you require urgent roofing repairs. But, in that regard here are some important red flags that signal that you should contact Toronto's roofing service to schedule a repair immediately.


Most likely, you'll require roof repairs on an emergency basis when:


  • There could be a leak on your roof

  • Inspect for damage or missing shingles.

  • The flashing may be damaged or lifted around valleys, chimneys pipeline boots and wall junctions

  • It is important that a professional visit your roof as quickly as is possible to correct any problems. This can prolong the roof's life expectancy and save you thousands on repair costs.


Let's take a closer look at each one of them and see why it is necessary to perform an emergency roof repairs.

Roof Leaks

Leaks don't become worse with time, they simply become more severe. The damage caused by water can be substantial as well, even if you only notice just a tiny portion. The water can get inside your walls and cause damage to the insulation and the boards that hold your house together. This can cause irreparable damage that you will not even notice until it's too far gone. Water could cause wood to decay or soak through the wall and cause your roof to collapse.


It is imperative to immediately contact a Toronto roofing company when you notice a leak or any other symptoms.

Shingles that are damaged or missing

A damaged or missing shingle can allow water to enter your home. Materials for roofing such as water and tar aren't compatible, so your roof must be water-tight. The presence of moisture can cause significant destruction to the structure of your home. Water can also cause the growth of mildew and mold as well as active leaks that may seep into ceilings and walls. Mold and mildew can cause serious health issues. You must immediately replace damaged, missing, or broken shingles.


Lifted or Failing Flashing

Flashing is a thin, galvanized steel component. However, it could also be composed of different metals or other materials that divert water away from the roof. You'll see it where the roof plane meets with a vertical surface like dormers or walls. It's also installed around roof features such as chimneys, skylights and vents.


Because its job is to direct water away from these areas, it must to be in good condition. It is able to cause water leakage into your home if the flashing gets rusty, lifted, or is otherwise damaged.


Do You Need an Emergency Roof Repair?

The roof of your home could be leaky and leaky with water. Cadillac Roofing should be contacted immediately for a no-cost roof inspection. The roof inspector will spot damage areas and supply you with solutions to prevent your roof from total failure.


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